At Coachella Valley Foot and Ankle Institute, the compassionate team of podiatric experts provides a personalized approach to foot and ankle care. Nestled in the heart of Rancho Mirage, California, the state-of-the-art clinic is located on Bob Hope Drive near Country Club Drive.

The practice’s board-certified podiatrists, Ben Wehrli, DPM, and Douglas Croff, DPM, as well as the rest of the specially skilled team, offer an innovative approach to foot and ankle care. Because of their expertise in complex conditions and surgical procedures, Dr. Wehrli and Dr. Croff run a fellowship program and train some of the top podiatrists in the region. They have designed treatment systems and procedures that practitioners from all over the country currently use.

From the practice’s inception, Coachella Valley Foot and Ankle Institute has put a stamp on high-quality, individualized care, paired with the latest advancements in technology. The clinic utilizes an electronic medical record system, on-site digital radiology and ultrasounds, and modern equipment to manage patient care.

Even though Coachella Valley Foot and Ankle Institute is known for diagnosing and treating the most complex of conditions, including total ankle replacements and limb salvage, they also care for patients who struggle with acute and chronic ailments. The team regularly helps patients who struggle with ingrown toenails, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, undiagnosed foot and ankle pain, sports injuries, and more.

At Coachella Valley Foot and Ankle Institute, practitioners believe that informed patients make better choices regarding their health and wellbeing. The dedicated practitioners focus on patient-centric care, where the podiatrists educate patients about their specific diagnosis, as well as all possible treatment options. Plus, the entire team spends time listening to patient concerns in an effort to help find an effective solution for every patient.

Bunion Plating Technique System

Come see Dr. Ben Wehrli, the podiatrist known worldwide for creating the Bunion Plating Technique System!

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